We provide Men's Circles and Coaching to encourage male community, self-knowledge, and contentment.


“You don’t often get the chance to step back and talk about how you’re feeling. This is the perfect, supportive environment in which to do so”
“It helped me feel grounded and fortified during a difficult, busy period in my life”
“I loved having time to explore topics around wellbeing with like-minded people”


So, who are these services for, and why might you come?

Our Coaching and Men's Circles are open to anyone identifying as male, and reasons for coming might include (but are by no means limited to)...

Being interested in wellbeing but not sure where to start
Wondering "what it means to be a man"
Having questions about life but not sure where to ask them
Feeling sad, anxious, lost, scared or angry and not sure where to turn
Wondering "why we're here"
Struggling to express how you're feeling
Feeling bored, restless, stuck or unsure what to do next
Wondering "is this it"?
Feeling that you've lacked a male role model in your life
Wanting to connect with other men on a deeper level
Wanting to join a community centred around wellbeing
Wanting support in your own wellbeing journey

Whatever the reason, get in touch if you're interested, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Interested? Awesome!

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