What is a men's "circle"?
A "circle" refers to a group of people that come together, without hierarchy, to talk about things.

Do I have to speak about my feelings?

Absolutely not - you don't have to do anything! Sometimes people like to just sit and listen. Often we find that listening to others' experiences can help us to understand and make sense of our own. 

Does it matter that I have never been to something like this before?
No! Our aim is to make this accessible to all, regardless of previous experience.

Is this therapy?
Yes and no. Perhaps not in the generally understood sense of the word - we are not Counselling Psychologists. This is an opportunity to discuss your experiences and points of view with other men in a safe, facilitated setting, which in itself can be therapeutic.

However, if you know that you have deep-rooted, unhealed trauma, we recommend seeking one-to-one support before attending our services.

What if I don't enjoy the first session? Can I leave?
That's okay! It's natural to find this sort of thing uncomfortable at first. As far as possible, we ask for everyone attending the circles to commit to the 6 sessions, as it is a deep commitment to your own growth and to the growth of the men who have also joined the circle. However, please do what feels right for you; you are of course welcome to drop out at any point (even during a session!).

Are the circles and coaching in person or virtual?
All services are currently delivered virtually. However, if the cohort would prefer to meet in person, we will endeavour to do so.

What happens after the 6 weeks are finished?
There are a few options - some people leave, some groups want to stay together and discuss additional topics, others would like to discuss the same topics with a different group, while others move into one to one coaching. It's up to you!

Do we have to speak about the topic for each week?
Yes and no! Having a topic for each week enables the group to stay focused and anchors the discussion around a central theme. However, each topic is broad enough that conversation inevitably flows into other related areas.


If you have a question that isn't answered here, please get in touch at dan@thebrotherhoodcircle.com

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